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What would you do if you were presented with this dilemma? You are called by your best friend’s little sister to come over and go swimming. In your mind you are thinking he had her call because he was on the toilet or some shit. When you get there none of the guys are there yet. She is standing by the pool and suddenly out of nowhere… she flashes you her itty bitty titties and asks you if you like them. What would you do?

When this happened to me I did what I figured any guy would do. I told her they were nice and nervously looked around wondering if this was some kind of setup. I think my buddy’s lil’sis realized I was uncomfort-able and she assured me we were alone.

She told me we were going to play a little game. She called it show and tell and the rules were that we both had to remove the same article of clothing at the same time. Once the body part beneath it was removed we had to tell the other what we thought people of the opposite sex thought of our body part. If we enjoyed having the other sex rub that part we had to show each other how we liked preferred it to be rubbed.

My cock instantly started growing hard. I couldn’t hide my excitement even if I had wanted to. After another glance around the yard and at the house windows to make sure nobody was spying on us I told her to go first.

This little cutie untied her bikini top and dropped it to the ground before motioning for me to take off my shirt. As I watched she began to tell me how she thought guys would probably like to squeeze her boobies even though they were very small. She tugged on her nipples and suggested that a guy might wanted to bite them, but they shouldn’t do it very hard because they are quite sensitive. It was now my turn.

Not knowing what to do I mentioned that girls would probably like that I surfed because it made my arms and chest defined. I traced my muscles and wondered what to do next. Quickly I ran my hands over my chest and told her it feels good when a girl comments how manly my chest is. I concluded my show by making gun shapes with my hands and pointing them in the direction of her bikini bottoms.

For this part of the show and tell performance she pushed me down onto a lounge chair beside the pool. After working on it for a few seconds she lifted both articulating portions up on either end so that we could sit facing each other with our backs resting on our respective end of the chair.

As she pulled down her bikini my cock got super stiff. She had shaved her pussy completely bare. It looked like she must have done it right before calling me because I couldn’t even make out a single hair follicle!

When her bikini was almost out of the way she furrowed her eyebrows as if to say, "At the same time, silly!" I began slowly tugging my shorts down as well. Right as her pussy cleft came into view I let my boner pop out. It bounced around slinging some precum onto the chair. She giggled and sat down with her legs parted facing me. She didn’t take her eyes off of my hard cock which was only inches from her face. The though of her sucking on my cock made me want to blow my load all over her pretty little face!

She motioned for me to sit on my side of the chair. As I sat down she reached down and spread her pussy lips apart. This was the closet I had ever been to a live pussy and it was getting harder and harder not to just tackle her and rape her nubile flesh right then and there.

My buddy’s sister turned out to be a virgin still. I was too, but I told everyone I had fucked some girl while at camp a few years ago so I didn’t look like a douche. As I watched she explained what each part of her pussy was. My cock was literally drooling precum. So much so that I unconsciously rolled my hand around the head and shaft to spread it around. Before I knew it I was sitting there with my cock, cocked and ready to stroke!

This brought a big smile to my playmates face. She did the female equivalent and rubbed her finger over her hymen covered pussy hole for some wetness before bringing it up to roll around her clit. My hand started moving and soon we were both lost in a wave of lust. I had watched a few videos of girls masturbating before, but nothing beats having one do it right in front of you. I wondered if she was thinking the same thing about watching a guy jerkoff.

I hoped she was thinking the same thing about watching me jerkoff for her!

When it was time to cum I held off for a little bit so that she could catch up. She began to close her eyes for and then open them to see if I was cumming so I figured I had better shoot now so she could watch.

My first blast hit her right between her tits and she let out a little squeal out of surprise. The next one hit her thigh and rolled down to the chair. Subsequent blasts of cum hit the chair between us and slowly tapered back until it was oozing out over my fingers as I pulled on my manhood.

Suddenly Paulina’s stomach began to flex and her eyes rolled back as an orgasm washed over her. I could see her vaginal muscles flexing as she rubbed her clit in a rhythmic motion that matched her orgasmic spasms. Sweat began to bead on her forehead as she tried desperately to muffle her moans so the neighbors wouldn’t wonder about what was going on.

As time went by Paulina 18 informed me that we were not going to have sex. She wanted to stay a virgin. Completely. We masturbated and made games of it by racing, but we never touched each others privates. It was the most fun you could have and still be a virgin I guess. LOL!

These days Paulina isn’t a virgin anymore. On her site there are plenty of hardcore videos for you to watch. She still looks as nubile as ever. While I was her first sexual experience I cannot say I was the first to "tap that" girls pussy.

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Why is it that barely legal girls are so fun while older girls and women are so un-fun? Girls like Selina 18 and Paulina 18 are so full of spunk and ready for anything. They will try anything. But girls over 25 don’t want to do shit except eat Bon Bons and watch lame ass TV!

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